PIKOM launches Digital Solution Directory a platform for robust technology solution

PIKOM launches Digital Solution Directory a platform for robust technology solution


THE National Tech Association of Malaysia (PIKOM) in collaboration with Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) unveils the Digital Solution Directory, a business solutions matching platform to empower the digital competitiveness and cater the demand for robust technology adoption among businesses

Digital Solution Directory is a one stop platform for business players to get the market information, technical assistant as well as the incubation and testing facilities to match the business and technology solution providers with their digital solution eeds.

CEO of PIKOM Ong Kian Yew said, regardless of the business nature, the demand for digital is becoming part and parcel for the company to thrive. With a clear roadmap, this platform will serve as a launching pad for businesses to maximise their productivity and achieve the digital goals within the short time frame.

“Using technology we encapsulate the huge effort of digitalising business and making sure the supply is addressed that could serve the rest of the partner in the sector to cater the digital demand,” Ong said.

He added that most importantly, the platform acts as an avenue for businesses to showcase their offerings in the market.

To date, there are 111 solution providers listed on the directory ranging from retail, Food and Beverage (F&B), tourism and professional services, which represents the widest sub sector as it helps the solution providers to take their business forward.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) Ram Ganesan Karthigasu, remarked, over the years, we see the trend and significant impact of technology in order for businesses to stay ahead on the curve in their respective industry.

“This time, through this extensive collaboration with our partner, PIKOM, we believe the digital solution directory will serve as an important platform for businesses to grow, transform and unleash their potential,” he said during the virtual launch.

Through the platform, the business will attain the most latest and up to date information which are relevant for their business needs which goes beyond just the list of information background or the company profile.

Additionally, it is also equipped with the virtual engagement platform enabling business to have interactive engagement, live selling feature, and metric cross solution on the directory available in the provider features.

He added that the directory is, operating under the (6P) framework which are to promote, pilot, proliferation, protect, prosper and partnership, incubating the new business model in a connected ecosystem.

The platform is also built into a dynamic solution for businesses, as demand for technology could be changed from time to time.

“We gather and encapsulate brilliant ideas from the industry, academia, partners, public and private agencies and various other input from associations in effort to introduce the directory,” Ganesan said.

Ong also urges the various industry players, micro business, start-ups, and the entire for players in the professional services, to register into the platform to strengthen the initiative to go big with digital and create a much larger solution providers network.





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